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Carlos Díaz N. for enricobossanmasterclass | The Child SideThe Child Side
Nowadays, the high-speed behavior of the social dynamics has driven children, whatever the social class they belong, to create a fantastic and secret universe where they find shelter from the multiple conflicts in which they are involved and where their nature, identity and thoughts are hidden behind a character. From this point, The Child Side explores that universe in a ludic way under a timeless atmosphere that melt spaces, fantastic characters and the little-huge human beings behind each one and abording the rude cotidianity of the children´s population from a positive, esthetic and reflexive perspective. This project is, comprehensively speaking, a visual statement that invites spectators to establish a sensitive dialogue that will lead us to know the faces and identities, talents and thoughts of the children’s that silently cohabits our metropolis. The visual support emerge from corners, basements, rooftops and natural spaces where each character belongs, that, without modifying them, will be intervened by light, to transform them into timeless spaces that offer the spectator an esthetic, comfortable and mysterious perspective of what happens there.

With business experience as customs, International Trade & VAT specialist, signed into the Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura to formerly start his studies in Photography. In 2011 leave the Big Four’s lifestyle behind to set-up formerly as independent Photographer. In the same year founded the personal project known as ParabolaPhoto, an independent Photography & Visual Services Agency performing projects with diverse advertising agencies and international NGO’s.
Currently helding an In-Service Internship at Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura performing activities related to Media & Sponsorships, among others.

Carlos Díaz N.
México City, 2012.


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